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Best ways to combat acne

best ways to combat acne

    1. Hemp or CBD oil. Using CBD oil on a regular basis, can be a super effective way to brighten your pigmentation, and soothe acne breakouts   2. Stay hydrated, hydrating on the regular is harder than you may think! Keep a water bottle nearby while working or studying or skip your second […]

Skin Brightening at Home

honey bees

  Lighten your skin the natural way So I have decided to go on a skin lightening expedition – it involves only the kitchen pantry, the seasonal fruit bowl and some Google-approved skin recipes.   While honey acts as an anti-microbial skin repairing agent, lemons, which are currently in season, have a natural lightening effect […]

Practice Better Self-Care With These 4 Ways To Spoil Yourself More

practice better self-care [inthusiasm makeup]

Practice better self-care so you can be the person you envision, and we’re telling you a great way to do this is to spoil yourself a bit more. First, let me clear up a common misconception about Self-care. We seem to associate self-care or spoiling ourselves with self-indulgence or being selfish. This just isn’t true. […]

What are Micro Plastics

What are Microplastics?   Micro Plastics are teeny tiny little pieces of plastic that are found in many common body products and cosmetics.   Eliminating Micro plastics from your beauty routine can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.   After reading this article you will be able to vet your favorite beauty brand, easily […]

Toxic Make-Up During Pregnancy And Why You Should Be Making Informed Choices

Toxic Make-Up During Pregnancy

Is it safe to use makeup during pregnancy? Can we assume that the makeup we buy off of the beauty shelves at the pharmacy or salon is healthy and safe to use? Unfortunately not. Some makeup is not pregnancy-safe. When I first found out I was pregnant, my whole world changed. Alongside my baby’s physical […]

Mineral Powder And 3 Ways to Begin Spring With a Fresh, Glowing Face

mineral powder [inthusiasm makeup]

Mineral powder and makeup are renowned for their skin-soothing properties which are likely a lot healthier than conventional and chemical-ridden makeup products. They’ve got anti-inflammatory benefits, the calamine lotion you use to calm a rash is basically zinc oxide coloured with iron oxide. Both of which are found in mineral makeup. Having said that, there’s […]

Spring Clean Your Self-Care And Makeup Bag For A Healthy Body With These 4 Tips

spring clean your makeup bag [inthusiasm makeup]

Spring clean your self-care choices as we head into a new season. Today, we’re offering you some simple ways to spruce up the routines you rely on for feeling your best. More importantly, we’re talking about what’s in your makeup bag, keeping a fit body, and creating a healthy and sustainable environment. Spring is here! […]

Makeup Powder And 1 Easy Step To Keep It From Falling Out

makeup powder Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

Makeup powder is one of those things we don’t always get right. There’s no doubt that applying makeup is an art. It requires a good deal of technique depending on what your desired outcomes are and the types of products you’re using. Generally, applying liquids and creams requires a smooth and firm gliding motion using a […]

Sustainable Makeup & Beauty Changes And 5 Advantages Of Making Them

sustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

Sustainable makeup and beauty are all about keeping your changes small and consistent. Why? Because the smallest changes have the biggest impact on the environment and your health. Our beauty routines help us to feel good, boost our mood and even make us smell beautiful. Often our scented beauty rituals contribute to small acts of […]

2022 Is Here With Our 5 Best Makeup Resolutions For Youthful Skin

2022 New Years resolutions beauty and skin makeup Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

2022 is around the corner, already. Yup, it’s that time of year again to reflect on the past year and focus on our goals for the next. To be honest, I dislike the whole cliche new year’s resolution thing but the truth is we won’t experience a drastic transformation overnight. That’s why it’s best to […]