The most natural make-up next to your skin…

About Inthusiasm

Inthusiasm – based in Johannesburg, South Africa – is 20 years young. Specialising in natural and organic make-up, Inthusiasm has developed one of the most revolutionary natural beauty ranges, and is the first producer and distributor South African mineral make-up.

Vision: to introduce every women who uses make-up to the natural, healthy way.

Mission: to provide and equip every woman who uses Inthusiasm make-up with the purest, most natural make-up, using only the best ingredients available to maintain our current high standard, and to equip them with the knowledge of mineral benefits.

Why Choose Inthusiasm?

We are 100% certain you’ll love the Inthusiasm range! Here’s why:

  • 100% locally produced
  • 100% pure minerals in many products
  • 100% natural ingredients in all products
  • 100% finest ingredients to ensure high quality
  • 100% free of petrochemicals & harmful additives
  • 100% free of animal testing
  • 100% endorsed by the S.A. Health Dept.
  • 100% dermatologist approved

Use Inthusiasm. Choose Inthusiasm. It’s the healthy thing to do!

Inthusiasm Works For You

Inthusiasm make-up is suitable and beneficial for ALL skin-types:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-ageing
  • Regenerating
  • Moisturising
  • UVB and UVA Sun protection
  • Specially developed to respect your skin & the environment
  • Allows skin to breathe & function normally
  • Complete coverage for all skin-types
  • Doesn’t clog pores & virtually no allergy risks
  • Enhances your features & provides a natural glow
  • One application that needs minimal touch-up
  • Easy to apply – ideal for busy lifestyles

So pure you could eat it. So pure you can sleep in it.

Inthusiasm Is Trendy

From the shades of colours and choice of packaging, to the industry expertise and product accessibility, Inthusiasm is an attractive choice for you!

  • Up-to-date colours/shades
  • Unique gift-type packaging & modern practical packaging
  • Order online or via an approved Inthusiasm agent
  • Years of expertise to assist your make-up choices

Affordable and high quality – your natural choice!