Skin Brightening at Home

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Lighten your skin the natural way

So I have decided to go on a skin lightening expedition – it involves only the kitchen pantry, the seasonal fruit bowl and some Google-approved skin recipes.


While honey acts as an anti-microbial skin repairing agent, lemons, which are currently in season, have a natural lightening effect on our skin.

Do we tend to over-look our largest organ?


Lightening and brightening your pigmentation and taking care of unwanted spots and uneven tone is a constant battle for some of us, try this sure-fire way to treat your uneven skin – without breaking the bank or putting any nasty chemicals on to your face.

Lemons by Photographer Kseniya Buraya.

Honey and Lemons 


While my face mask melted off slightly in the steam of the shower tonight, I had a good chuckle, but I also thought of the Inthusiasm slogan; cosmetics “so pure you can eat it”.

We have to ask ourselves, do we occasionally overlook our skin?


Do try this at home…

Use about a tablespoon of raw honey mixed with the juice of about half a small lemon, for the best results, do not use lemon juice from a bottle or honey that contains sugar, these products contain many preservatives and lose their natural ‘superfood’ properties once preserved and bottled (especially when manufactured for mass consumption).


If you are lucky enough to have produce coming from ‘farm-to-table, it is always the best option.


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