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Best ways to combat acne

best ways to combat acne

    1. Hemp or CBD oil. Using CBD oil on a regular basis, can be a super effective way to brighten your pigmentation, and soothe acne breakouts   2. Stay hydrated, hydrating on the regular is harder than you may think! Keep a water bottle nearby while working or studying or skip your second […]

Skin Brightening at Home

honey bees

  Lighten your skin the natural way So I have decided to go on a skin lightening expedition – it involves only the kitchen pantry, the seasonal fruit bowl and some Google-approved skin recipes.   While honey acts as an anti-microbial skin repairing agent, lemons, which are currently in season, have a natural lightening effect […]

What are Micro Plastics

What are Microplastics?   Micro Plastics are teeny tiny little pieces of plastic that are found in many common body products and cosmetics.   Eliminating Micro plastics from your beauty routine can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.   After reading this article you will be able to vet your favorite beauty brand, easily […]