Best ways to combat acne

best ways to combat acne



1. Hemp or CBD oil. Using CBD oil on a regular basis, can be a super effective way to brighten your pigmentation, and soothe acne breakouts


2. Stay hydrated, hydrating on the regular is harder than you may think! Keep a water bottle nearby while working or studying or skip your second cup of coffee in the morning, opt for a glass of h20 instead.


Everything in moderation 


3. Moderate your processed food intake, this includes fatty foods, and oily foods.

Oily foods can contribute to skin breakouts, for acne-prone skin, excess consumption of sugar can also contribute a great deal of your skin breakouts, eating a healthy and balanced diet will assists in optimal physical health, including glowing skin, you are what you eat!


Natural Balance 

4. Sunlight, a healthy amount though, try not to sunburn your skin, get enough natural vitamin D from a healthy

dose of sunshine on a regular basis. Get outside!


5. Exercise, get your body moving, healthy blood circulation is not only the most effective way to get out of a slump

but also an incredibly powerful tool for overall quality of life, including the potential to boost your skin regeneration process and improve overall effective blood circulation.



Building a skin care routine


6. This one goes without saying but cleansing twice a day and applying a toner and moisturiser suitable for your skin type is essential. Finding a good skin routine can be a time-consuming process, from finding the right products to

maintaining your routine, whether it’s finding the time or sticking to the plan! These can be challenges you will have to overcome when battling acne, set up a routine and start building healthy habits, it will be second nature before you know it! Remember hormone balance also plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin, while hormones may not be consistent, your routine certainly can be!

7. Try to Eat healthy whole foods, healthy and nutrient dense vegetables, and fruits, along with a reasonable amount of non-processed carbs and a regular protein intake (preferably clean protein).


Put your feet up! Relax for a minute 

8. Get yourself a collagen boosting skin massaging tool to promote circulation and even relaxation, downtime mentally and physically can give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate, remember your skin, like all cells in your body, are constantly ‘reproducing’, this requires energy from your body, having a little rest now and then can be a super effective way to reset (stress can cause blemishes and breakouts too!)



Everyone needs a boost now and then! 

9. Collagen, oh the magic of a healthy dose of collagen can make you fall in love with your face, the way you’re SO other sees it! Try a whey protein derived collagen or even a plant-based collagen! There are so many options.


10. Try a clay-based natural mask, bentonite clay is a super effective option as a base for a ‘homemade’ mask, you can add avocados, papayas or even a dash of activated charcoal to your clay mask, there are heaps of options of pre-made masks too.


11. Vitamins, make sure you are consuming an adequate amount of vitamin c and even zinc supplements can be super effective for optimal skin regeneration and health!


Remember to consult your healthcare practitioner before taking on any new medications or supplements.


12. Use non-comedogenic cosmetics like Inthusiasm Mineral Make-Up, to promote naturally occurring collagen with ingredients like silica, and allow your skin to breathe, making way for acne-free skin!


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