What are Micro Plastics

What are Microplastics?


Micro Plastics are teeny tiny little pieces of plastic that are found in many common body products and cosmetics.


Eliminating Micro plastics from your beauty routine can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.


After reading this article you will be able to vet your favorite beauty brand, easily identify the ingredients that micro plastics are made from and make informed choices in the future.


Don’t like the results you find, we get you. Finding products and brands that tick all your boxes is an ongoing struggle.


We are here to make it easier for you.


Many brands are now changing to a more sustainable approach when it comes to sourcing ingredients, which finally, gives us more options than ever before!





Why do we want to eliminate micro-plastics?


Why advocate for removing micro-plastics from our daily lives you ask?


Well, the ripple effect of billions and billions of pieces of micro-plastic ending up in our waterways and oceans; is an unhealthy ocean, an unhealthy ocean does not support ocean-life and is ecologically imbalanced.


As you know there are many things about the ocean that people love, for some it might be fish with your chips and for others it may be laying on a beach sipping on a cocktail, or perhaps watersports?


For us at Inthusiasm, there are so many different reasons to value and preserve nature. Therefore, aiming to preserve our natural world, by making informed choices, is simply a must!


“Beat the micro bead has successfully advocated towards imposing bans and/or voluntary phase-outs of microbeads in cosmetics at a global scale with the beat the micro bead campaign.”

Plastic Soup Foundation’s website, Beat the Micro Bead.


South Africa is proudly one of the countries who support the ban of micro-plastics in household and beauty products.



what are micro plastics

Committed to making changes to your self-care and beauty routine?


For the planet, for you.


A cleaner world and a greener future.


So if you have ever had to cook for a family member with unorthodox dietary requirements, then you are no stranger to ingredient labels; this is something we tend to forget about unless we are unfortunate to experience severe allergies, or are intolerant to certain food ingredients.


Familiarizing yourself with what you buy (what it is made up of) and put into your body, is a sure-fire way to purify your shower routine. And.. In the bigger picture, vote with your wallet and keep our planet clean.


Below is a list of commonly used labels for micro-plastics that may not have caught your eye yet:


Polyethelene (PE)

Polypropylene (PP)

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

Nylon (PA)


Acrylates Copolymer


The same way that parabens can affect ones hormones, immune system and cause disease in the long run, micro plastics can cause neuro-toxicity which can also cause long-standing negative implications on your health.


Next time you need to try a new face cream when the change in season arrives or if your teenagers skin stops reacting positively to their skincare routine, check out some websites and spend 10 minutes reading a few labels before dedicating yourself to a brand.