Toxic Make-Up During Pregnancy And Why You Should Be Making Informed Choices

Toxic Make-Up During Pregnancy

Is it safe to use makeup during pregnancy? Can we assume that the makeup we buy off of the beauty shelves at the pharmacy or salon is healthy and safe to use? Unfortunately not. Some makeup is not pregnancy-safe.

When I first found out I was pregnant, my whole world changed.

Alongside my baby’s physical growth, the responsibility I felt towards this little being grew stronger and more binding by the day.

Each choice I made during pregnancy would have an impact on him. The more I dived into that thought, the deeper it got!

On a physical level, I knew that I would need to cut out a few things in my diet such as alcohol and caffeine. Later on, a few more foods and drinks joined the list due to heartburn (anybody have the same problem?)

I’ve been a fan of natural products for most of my life, realizing the impact it has on the environment and our bodies.

But after I became pregnant, the reality of how seriously personal care products can affect a developing fetus became alarmingly clear to me.

Chemicals throughout history have been used to the detriment of human health long before being discarded as toxic.

Zorimar Rivera-Núñez, an assistant professor at the Rutgers School of Public Health notes that changes in hormone levels in pregnant women, due to common chemicals used in personal care products such as makeup, are shown to have vast consequences on the health of your baby.

These chemical influences may not only affect the healthy growth of your infant and toddler but can also affect the development of puberty in your teenager much later on in years.

Rivera-Nunez also says that these chemicals “may influence the development of hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer”.

In Diether Neubert and Hans-Joachim Merker’s contributions to Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, parabens showed disruption to the morphology of reproductive target tissues. They also produced suppressive effects on hormonal responsiveness and damage to the thyroid gland (thyrotoxic). Know anyone with a thyroid problem? I do – lots!

But parabens are not the only bad guys. Studies on phthalates and other approved cosmetic ingredients have also been shown to have adverse reproductive effects.

The female human body is a fine-tuned plethora of hormones that do not easily agree with being mistreated – as many women can attest to..!

Yet when one looks at the ingredient list of almost every female-targeted product on the personal care product shelf, we find distressing information.

Pregnancy can sometimes lead to breakouts or skin discoloration and makeup can help elevate confidence. But using chemicals in your daily routine is a serious matter.

So firstly, let’s remember, you are perfect the way you are. You’re growing a little human inside you, what an amazing feat!

Secondly, barefaced is beautiful, but go for exclusively natural products when you want some elegant refinement or a bit of colour on your face.

Enjoy the journey of motherhood with a self-care routine that’s naturally gentle and kind.

Jemima Goosen

Jemima Goosen is a Single Mom of 1. She is a writer and lifelong learner. Her interests include creating joy and solving mysteries in the dead of night.


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