Testimonial from The Being Vegan blog: “I am very happy to let you know that I have found a locally produced mineral make-up! Inthusiasm. The make-up line is all vegan with the exception of the mascara, lipstick, lip balm and brushes (although Lynne, the owner has informed me that they do have good quality nylon brushes for my special vegan customers). I found my local agent on their website. I bought the liquid foundation as well as the eye-liner. The foundation leaves my skin wonderfully soft and the cover is perfect. Be sure to apply it straight after your face cream because the minerals work well with the moisture.” “So what’s the big deal about mineral make-up you might ask? Well according to the Inthusiasm website: ‘Fully organic, these soft silky powders contain no animal products, synthetic chemicals or alcohol. With ingredients such as Palmitate, Zinc and Titanium Dioxide Manganese, Mica, and Boron, Inthusiasm blends with your unique body chemistry.’ So this means it contains none of those chemicals mentioned in one of our previous posts!” “Be sure to look up your local agent, or visit the Bryanston Organic Market on Thursdays and Saturdays to try this amazing make-up for yourself” – BEing Vegan blog

Miquette Oosthuizen, from Potchefstroom writes: “Thank you for your lovely products. I was searching for the perfect foundation for years. I literally tried everything on the market with NO success. I googled ‘Natural Make-Up’ and came accross Inthusiasm. I was firstly surprised to see the Price List, because I paid up to R400 for a bottle of foundation in the past – not that it was worth it!!! You sent me samples for free!!! Couldn’t believe it. I’ve tried them all. What a wonderful product. Everything that I want in a foundation. I will never use anything else again. I ordered pressed powder, and just as the foundation – wonderful!!! It is good to know that I am using something that is not just nice to wear but it is also good for my skin. I reaally want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this product to life. Many thanks.”

Liesl Nel says “I tried the liquid foundation and am totally blown away! I wish that I had discovered this product sooner. I have struggled with skin breakouts for years and have been using EL’s chemically laden maximum cover foundation to conceal my blemishes. My skin condition has worsened and I have since stopped using it. Inthusiasm Liquid Foundation covers

immaculately and just knowing that I am not smothering my skin in harmful chemicals is such a great feeling! At this stage my skin is looking really clear, but I still need some coverage to conceal read spots/scarring. Thank you for Inthusiasm liquid foundation!”

Henda Olivier says “I just love the inthusiasm base I bought from June Britton, the smell is so refreshing. I also find it very easy to apply. I find the lipstick lasts much loner than my other one, I can actually eat and drink and one can still see the colour – that is amazing! I would love to look at more lipstick colours”