Practice Better Self-Care With These 4 Ways To Spoil Yourself More

practice better self-care [inthusiasm makeup]

Practice better self-care so you can be the person you envision, and we’re telling you a great way to do this is to spoil yourself a bit more. First, let me clear up a common misconception about Self-care. We seem to associate self-care or spoiling ourselves with self-indulgence or being selfish. This just isn’t true. When you practice better self-care this means you’re putting yourself first so you can be healthy and well enough to do your job, care for others, and do all the things you need and want to accomplish in a day.

Honestly, times have been so gloomy, and our stress levels are too high trying to keep up with this fast-paced, technology-driven world. It’s time to learn how to practice better self-care so we can beat this epidemic of anxiety, stress, and depression. You won’t believe how much your mental health will improve when you start treating yourself to things you love a little more. Simply buying yourself or a loved one a healthy set of makeup might seem indulgent when it is actually self-care.
We’re all feeling it, the fast pace of life is taking more of a toll on us than we think. People are feeling lonelier, less able to unwind, and slow down which makes them feel a lot more anxious and overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks. This is why we’re reminding you how important it is to go easy on yourself and practice better self-care by spoiling yourself more.

Practice Better Self-Care For The Mind, Body & Soul

It’s time to begin feeding your mind, body, and soul and a great way is to start with your beauty products. But first, use these four ways to ground and focus your ‘self-care treats’.

  1. Learn to prioritise time for yourself.
  2. Start listening to your body.
  3. Carve time out to breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  4. Choose nourishing food and move daily.

Treat Yourself To Pampering

Think of makeup as an amazing way to practice better self-care every day. And whilst it is a luxury, it’s also an essential technique to making us feel good. When life gets busy, it’s hard to find time to relax which is why you shouldn’t feel guilty about spoiling yourself to some makeup that’s not only going to enhance your beauty but will nourish your overall health too.

Try out some fresh, spring colours and carve out time to take a bubble bath, have a spa day or girls pamper day filled with makeup fun to refresh and recharge. It’s also exceptionally therapeutic gifting a special something for your friend who might also benefit from some beautiful makeup and self-care. Let’s make it a point to treat our mind, body, and skin to some TLC with one or more of these pampering makeup spoils.

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Sleep In A Bit

Many of us don’t get enough sleep. To practice better self-care you realpractice better self-care [inthusiasm makeup]ly need to build some power nap or stay in bed longer time into your day. You won’t regret it, plus better sleep means glowing skin.

Just Move

Find ways to move more daily. Whether you choose to take the stairs as opposed to the lift, go for a walk early in the morning or try something new. . Try out a Budokon Yoga & Mixed Movements class with Skye, 

Moving more gives you more time for yourself in your daily life. Whether you like walking, dancing, martial arts, skipping, or biking, just move.

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Go On Holiday or have a Staycation

It’s so important to get away from our daily work schedules sometimes, to practice better self-care by spending time in the fresh air, going to a movie, visiting a friend or just allowing yourself to sleep in or read a book.

Of course, if you have the budget then booking some time away is wonderful luxury.


We spend a scary amount of time connected with no off button. Carve time out to unplug, listen to music, read, earth in nature and spend time with family and friends to recharge for the week.