Sustainable Makeup & Beauty Changes And 5 Advantages Of Making Them

sustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

Sustainable makeup and beauty are all about keeping your changes small and consistent. Why? Because the smallest changes have the biggest impact on the environment and your health. Our beauty routines help us to feel good, boost our mood and even make us smell beautiful. Often our scented beauty rituals contribute to small acts of self-care, which is fantastic! However, there’s one problem. These are not necessarily sustainable makeup or beauty products and whilst they’re great pick-me-up’s they’re also costing the Earth.

From the plastic packaging filling landfills to cosmetic chemicals washing away down the drain and disrupting marine life – our beauty routines and habits can have a huge impact. You might feel as if changing to sustainable makeup and beauty products won’t make much difference, but over time, a switch as simple as changing your makeup wipes could save thousands from entering our oceans throughout our lifetime.

Fortunately, brands like Inthusiasm are coming up with creative and sustainable solutions to the problem. It’s up to us to decide.

Luckily it’s fairly easy.

Sustainable Makeup & Beauty To Save The Planet

We’re hearing a lot about planet-friendly options but not much about why we should go through the hassle of making the change. We’re sharing with you 5 good reasons to choose eco-friendly products instead of conventional ones. Not only the planet, but your whole health will be thankful!

Thinking about the creams, detergents, makeup, and shampoos you use every day is more important than ever.

Here Are 5 Reasons:

There are many reasons, but we thought we’d condense them into 5 quick reasons to sort out your beauty products.

Appreciate Planet Earthsustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

Unlike Inthusiasm Natural and Organic Makeup, many beauty brands use synthetic and chemical products. These contaminate the air and the water, and worse, leave traces on your skin.

Recent studies state that certain ingredients found in sunscreen damage coral reefs, causing their bleaching. Therefore using eco-friendly cosmetics will help protect our ecosystems and prevent further damage.

Also, I recommend using organic sustainable makeup products because their ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides or harmful fertilisers. Using these will help us protect biodiversity and promote organic farming.

Improve Your Health

We know that the cosmetic market is the least regulated industry in the world. Most beauty products like shampoo, toothpaste, and bubble bath contain toxic substances. 

Some studies even claim that our body absorbs up to 5 kilos of harmful substances through beauty products per year. Scary!

This study states parabens make the body stop producing estrogens and can be the reason for many diseases like cancer, weak immune system and allergies.

By choosing sustainable makeup or beauty products, you’ll avoid these damages.

Skin And Hair

Choosing sustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics will help to nourish your skin, hair, and health too.

Our skin covers the entire body and protects us from infection by filtering out toxins. So, this isn’t just about aesthetics.

The organic and natural ingredients contained in eco-organic products, provide your skin and hair with vital nourishment.

The ingredients of eco-cosmetics are all-natural substances including olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc. They help your skin to be healthier. Better yet, some of these natural ingredients contain antioxidants that promote longevity. 

It’s Affordablesustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics Skyezee FashionFit [inthusiasm makeup]

There’s a misconception that eco-friendly products are more expensive. This isn’t true. In fact, you can find affordable eco-products or even try to make your own. There are so many DIY recipes.


Gentle On Your Skin

Best of all, sustainable makeup and beauty cosmetics have no such thing as skin types since they adapt to all of them. They’re super gentle for even the most sensitive skins. See my tutorial here. 

Also, organic makeup doesn’t contain artificial preservatives or synthetic perfumes which may cause allergies and damages to sensitive skin. 



What are your thoughts? Are you already using sustainable makeup or beauty cosmetics? If not, I hope this article changes your mind. Let us know your experience with Inthusiasm Makeup by leaving a comment.

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