Spring Clean Your Self-Care And Makeup Bag For A Healthy Body With These 4 Tips

spring clean your makeup bag [inthusiasm makeup]

Spring clean your self-care choices as we head into a new season. Today, we’re offering you some simple ways to spruce up the routines you rely on for feeling your best. More importantly, we’re talking about what’s in your makeup bag, keeping a fit body, and creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Spring is here! After those dreary months of wintery weather, even those most dedicated to relieving stress to improve their mental, physical and emotional wellness often find it challenging to be consistent during those colder months. Don’t worry if your routine feels a little less than ideal. Winter has a way of making it seem like taking time out for ourselves is impossible.

And with the aftermath of Covid-19, doing a spring clean with our choices might be the best option yet. Let’s take a closer look at how you can tweak your wellness habits in order to refresh your self-care for the new season.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

The longevity of your youth is completely in your own hands. It might sound overwhelming, but having the healthiest skincare and makeup products helps a lot. 

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Enjoy Spring Colours & Lightweight Products

There’s no point in covering up your beautiful faces with a heavy, thick product that’s only going to clog up your pores and probably give you the opposite result. Therefore, it might be a good idea to spring clean your skincare and makeup products with natural ones.  

It’s time to put away fuller coverage foundations and bring out the sheer, breathable, and naturally enhancing foundations. You can also invest in some naturally hydrating exfoliation and moisturisation skincare goods.

I often feel that my skin is especially dull in winter because the colder season creates a lack of moisture in the air and indoor heaters dry the skin out. Personally, I really love to use a coconut oil-based face cream for hydration, a little bit of mineral powder for shimmer and if I use foundation – it will be Inthusiasm’s Natural Liquid Foundations. 

It does wonders to spring clean your beauty routine. Also, one’s makeup bag is just as important as their skin itself. You want to remove dead skin cells with a natural daily exfoliation to make it smooth and then apply your mineral makeup to your face for a younger-looking complexion.

Fresh Colour Palette

There’s no point in using the same shades over and over again. If you really want to Spring clean your makeup bag and skin, then ditch the Winter cosmetics shades.

Freshen up your colour palette by trying out something new. You could try out our new lipsticks Royal Red and Dusky Pink. Maybe opt for the Periwinkle and Pink Eye Enhancers to match the Dusky Pink, Charcoal and Burgundy Trios.

There’s no better feeling than a Makeup Bag Spring Clean. I love nothing more than fresh, clean skin, flushed cheeks, and a bright lip stain.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

There is so much we can do with our hair, yet it’s easy to either get fed up with it or to neglect it entirely. We want to try and strike a good balance. Our hair is like our skin, we need to keep it healthy. That is why our hair maintenance techniques could probably use a Spring clean too.spring clean your makeup bag [inthusiasm makeup]

We believe that hair is one of our greatest accessories so exploring a new haircut, trying bangs or a new colour could do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Keep in mind that hair grows back, however natural is always best so try to focus more on good nutrition, conditioning with natural oils like argan, Moroccan, jojoba, olive, coconut or avocado.

Better yet, embrace your natural hair texture for longevity and individuality. Keep it low maintenance, because Spring and Summer are the perfect times to explore your hair’s natural texture. We spend much more time outside. Also, warm weather is more conducive for allowing air-dried styles. Personally, I love the fact that as women, or men, we can celebrate our natural hair textures.

A Happy Body

Dedicate time for you.

Spring is the time of rebirth, that feeling of being able to get a fresh start. Find ways to get outside, get moving, meditate, or spoil yourself with healthy, natural and skin-loving makeup products. 

After a winter cooped up indoors with nowhere to go thanks to the pandemic, this one may be a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: Time spent outdoors is good for the soul. Go for a walk outside every day for at least 45 minutes, do Yoga for 30 minutes or Jump Rope for 10 minutes. Fresh air in our lungs and our feet on the ground are very important components of feeling well.

Last but not least, a reminder to show yourself love and appreciation for all that your body does for you every single day. Read my 5 Tips to Stopping Body Image Stress here. 

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