Mineral Powder And 3 Ways to Begin Spring With a Fresh, Glowing Face

mineral powder [inthusiasm makeup]

Mineral powder and makeup are renowned for their skin-soothing properties which are likely a lot healthier than conventional and chemical-ridden makeup products. They’ve got anti-inflammatory benefits, the calamine lotion you use to calm a rash is basically zinc oxide coloured with iron oxide. Both of which are found in mineral makeup. Having said that, there’s no evidence showing exactly how much you require to achieve this effect but we’re still emphasizing the importance of switching to healthy mineral powder and makeup – especially if you want to start Spring with a fresh, glowing face.

September is here and spring has finally sprung! After a long, dark winter, I usually want to change up my routine and get a fresh start in life. Wellness, health, and self-care usually top the Spring to-do lists. You’re in luck because there are many different ways to improve your life and your skin.

It’s so simple to achieve a natural and fresh Spring glow plus enjoy the warmer weather. If you want to make your skin happy and healthy in no time, here are a few quick tips.

Mineral Powder & Makeup For Better Skinmineral powder [inthusiasm makeup]

Often we know something like mineral powder and makeup is better for us, but we don’t necessarily understand why. It might seem like a fad, but mineral powder and makeup dates way back to when ancient civilisations used to grind their own minerals sourced from the land and use it as a way to apply colour/coverage to their skin. They did this for both beautifying and camouflaging purposes.

Since many women want to be more conscious about their health, lifestyle, and environmental choices, mineral powder or makeup is the better choice. Research shows that you can achieve a natural glow for Spring using mineral makeup since it contains more skin-loving ingredients and less unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives – all of which may cause irritation and clog pores.

Not only does Inthusiasm’s  Mineral Blush and Liquid Foundation contain no nasties, and are formulated with active natural ingredients that work to help improve and enhance the appearance of your skin for longer-term benefits. Ingredients include silica, iron oxide, and natural minerals to nourish the skin.

Mineral powder and makeup are more breathable, lightweight, suitable for acne-prone or sensitive skin, and even contain sun-protective benefits.

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Protect The Skin Barrier

Using mineral powder and makeup will help you get glowing skin but protecting the skin barrier guarantees it. I recommend practicing sun protection and following a healthy, natural skincare routine. Learn more. Things like a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management are integral to glowing skin. We could all use some relaxation because cortisol – the primary stress hormone, has been shown to break down collagen in the skin.mineral powder [inthusiasm makeup]

If you cover these basics and pair them with mineral powder and makeup products you’re certainly going to brighten, hydrate and resurface even the dullest of skin to create a beautiful glow for Spring.

Start by swapping out your thick foundation and concealers for lighter, more breathable formulas in spring. This will allow your skin to breathe while ensuring it still gets the hydration it needs. Try our Mineral Powder to give your skin a Spring glow with its light, uplifting shimmer.

Move Daily

You don’t need to do a marathon to get your heart pumping. Even just 10-minute breaks throughout the day, like taking a walk around the block or climbing the stairs at work can get your blood flowing. This will stimulate your lymphatic system and bring a natural burst of colour to your skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.

I highly recommend trying Budokon Yoga & Mixed Movements with Skye or Jumping Rope to get started.

Tan With Care

Experts state that too much sun exposure decreases collagen and UV radiation increases the activity of matrix metalloproteinases. These are proteolytic enzymes that break down collagen, speeding up the degradation of skin.

So we highly recommend pairing your natural SPF sunscreen with our mineral powder makeup which not only offers extra protection but aids in tint and shimmer

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