Healthy Foundation Makeup And Lipstick: 10 Reasons Why They’re Better For You And Our Planet

healthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]

Healthy foundation makeup is better for us. For years we have been reading food ingredient labels, and it’s time we start expecting the same high-quality ingredients of all our makeup products. Focusing on what we put on the largest organ of our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies. This should include all our makeup: foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and blush to name a few. Healthy makeup products are typically not mass-produced and are therefore not readily available at all cosmetic counters, and so it can often feel like a chore to make these healthier choices. What makes it worth it, is knowing that we are investing this effort in our overall health.

Whilst transitioning to clean makeup can sometimes take a while, be sure to read up on the various ingredients in these products, as they can often contain things that are ranked poorly by the Environmental Working Group. As we journey toward overall health and making better decisions, it’s very empowering when we learn more about ingredients so we can be sure to you only choose healthy makeup like foundations and lipsticks.

Read on to learn more about healthy, clean, and natural makeup, and why safe makeup matters!

Healthy Foundation And Lipstick For Better Health

Recently, you might be hearing more and more words like these:healthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]

  • all-natural
  • organic
  • detox
  • whole-food
  • unrefined/unprocessed
  • holistic
  • non-toxic
  • chemical-free
  • clean / green 
  • allergy-friendly

Before we sigh or roll our eyes at what may seem like a new ‘wellness’ fad, allow them to grab your attention as it is a very real growing movement that’s helping to change the lives, health, and wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

The Holistic, Natural Healthy Movementhealthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]



Just because you’re reading an article about switching to healthy makeup such as foundation and lipstick, doesn’t mean settling for second best. Gone are the days of chalky powders, gluey mascaras and greasy lipsticks that last only a few seconds. Modern-day natural makeup formulas are quite comparable to, and in many cases exceed the quality and effectiveness of mainstream products.

Healthy foundation and lipstick, made with naturally derived ingredients are both healthy and beautiful alternatives to the large and well known conventional cosmetics. You’ve just got to know where to look and who to trust.

What To Look For:

Nutrients For Your Skin

Finding healthy makeup can sometimes be difficult, and as a health & wellness writer (visit my Blog) I would love to make it easier for you. I believe, it is better to find a foundation that provides essential nutrients to your skin with naturally derived vitamins and minerals whilst still providing adequate coverage. Remember you’re beautiful as you are, and makeup is here to enhance your natural beauty. So whilst healthy foundation makeup is better for you, it is not there to cover up your face entirely.

Besides, research states that certain foundations containing specific ingredients can aggravate your skin and may even contribute to breakouts. I’d highly recommend Inthusiasm’s Natural Foundations

I love their foundation because it comes in a variety of shades – from light to very dark – for all skin tones. In addition, it doesn’t clog the pores and has a natural sun-protection factor of about 5. Their healthy foundation stays on the skin and does not need to be touched up. It also comes off beautifully when removed. The coverage is natural but effective and if you need more, then just add a little.

What About Lipstick?

As you probably guessed, there is a lot of ‘Nasty and Sneaky Stuff’ in the world of lipstick. And just like your skin needs healthy foundation makeup, your lips need healthy lipstick because it can be absorbed and ingested. Ladies, I encourage you to choose healthier and better lipstick, especially for the lipstick addicts out there, like me.

Your lips are highly sensitive and absorptive and are covered by a layer of skin that’s much thinner than the skin that covers the rest of the face. Underneath is a sensitive mucous membrane. Lip skin also lacks hair and sweat glands, which means that our lips don’t have the same natural defenses provided by other parts of our skin. And since lips are close to your mouth, they deserve special attention. So, at the very least don’t choose a lipstick that contains ingredients you wouldn’t want to eat, in small quantities of course.

Avoid Lipstick Containing;

  • artificial preservatives and antioxidant ingredients,
  • conventional (non-organic) castor seed oil, and its derivatives,
  • flavour and fragrance/aroma/parfum,
  • pthalates, toxic colourants, leads, and heavy metals.

This information doesn’t need to overwhelm you, just try to keep your healthy foundation makeup and lipstick choices simple, natural, and organic. Therefore, I’d recommend giving Inthusiasm’s Lipstick Range a try since the products contain mostly natural and organic ingredients. The pigment is also just right and comes in different colours, the texture is smooth and moisturising for your lips.

See the ingredients list below:

Carnube, Candelilla, and Beeswax (very nourishing and moisturising). Vitamin E, Mica, Iron Oxide, and trace amounts of Titanium Dioxide. Vitamin E acts as a preservative and also heals and keeps lips soft and moist.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Natural Makeup

  1. Hormone Health

Many additives in conventional makeup products are endocrine and hormone disruptors. Therefore choosing healthy foundation makeup and lipsticks will help protect our hormonal systems.

Common ingredients like phthalates, parabens, and polyethylene glycol actually mimic hormones such as estrogen in our bodies and wreak havoc on the extremely fine hormonal balance we need to keep us healthy.

  1. Cellular Health And Cancer Preventionhealthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]

Switching to healthy foundation makeup and lipstick can help you avoid carcinogens. There are tons of carcinogenic and DNA-harming ingredients to watch out for: lead, aluminum, propanol, coal tar, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, and 1,4-dioxane.
These and many other cancer-causing chemicals are added to conventional makeup products such as colourants, preservatives, ph adjusters, and skin lightening agents. However, when you choose natural, conscious brands like Inthusiasm Makeup the products will nourish your skin and may help reduce your risk of cancer.
  1. Healthy Organs

The world still needs petroleum, as we haven’t yet reached a place where we can live without it entirely. However, Inthusiasm offers healthy foundation makeup and lipstick as well as other makeup product choices you can choose to avoid using toxic variations.

Petrochemicals like paraffin wax, toluene, benzene, phenoxyethanol, and propylene glycol can absorb through our skin, enter the bloodstream and cause organ toxicity in the major organs in our circulatory system. This includes our brain, heart, and kidneys.
  1. Clean Bloodstream

Heard of the words, “finer, smoother finish” or “age-reversing effect” in makeup advertisements? Many conventional cosmetics manufacturers have started using nanoparticle technology in their formulas. This is quite concerning because nanoparticles are tiny, microscopic particles of a given mineral or chemical ingredient that is 80,000x smaller than your hair follicles.

There’s room for concern because these minuscule particles make it so much easier for things like heavy metals and other toxins to pass right through the skin barrier and into our bloodstreams. Also, the nanoparticles in makeup are not disclosed on ingredient labels. In other words, unless a manufacturer is very clear that they don’t use nanoparticles in their formulas, they possibly do.

Luckily, we have brands like Inthusiasm Makeup that insist on health and safety for their consumers and say ‘heck no’ to nanoparticles!
  1. Avoid Fake Fragrances

Fake fragrances have been used in so many products going far beyond the search for healthy foundation makeup and lipstick. Why do you think most facilities like hospitals, workplaces, shops, or schools are all becoming scent-free?

For any of you who are asthmatic or allergy-prone like me, you will know how unnatural smells can cause nausea, headaches, and other sensitivities. However, allergies or not we’re all negatively impacted by artificial scents in our environments.healthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]
Just like any other toxin, synthetic fragrances make their way into our bodies both through inhalation and transdermal absorption (through the skin) which can contribute to cancer, reproductive issues, and developmental concerns. Although you can find fake fragrances in most beauty products, you can ban them from your body by switching to non-toxic, natural products that use ingredients like herbs, fruits, vegetables, and essential oils instead.
  1. Cruelty-Free

Shopping for healthy foundation makeup and lipstick goes further than just protecting your health – it even helps save thousands of animals.
Just think about the fact that chemicals and toxins are being tested on animals only so we can buy more drug-store lotions and potions. Doesn’t that freak you out? It certainly freaks me out, because testing on animals is just wrong. period.
So choosing healthy foundation makeup is a wonderful way to stand up to animal cruelty. Opt for a brand that actually cares about your health and animal welfare. I’m so thankful that everything offered in the Inthusiasm Makeup Online Store is cruelty-free. 
  1. Allergy-Friendly

If you’re prone to allergies, then you’ll know just how disappointing it is to purchase a brand new mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, or face mask only to discover that it isn’t going to happen. Your face starts to itch, you break out into hives, experience asthma, you start sneezing or puff up like a blowfish.

This is the driving force behind why I choose healthy foundation makeup and lipstick or eye makeup. For more on my personal allergy journey visit my Blog. The more we expose ourselves to these chemicals, the more people are developing sensitivities and allergies to the questionable ingredients.
This isn’t necessary because you can choose natural formulas using clean, simple, gentle ingredients straight from the Earth.
  1. Sustainabilityhealthy foundation makeup and lipstick [inthusiasm makeup]

I encourage you to think further than your personal health and more about the health of our planet. It’s so sad to learn that industries like conventional cosmetics are harming Earth. They’re contributing to deforestation, soil depletion, wasteful packaging, inefficient manufacturing plants, and the use of toxic chemicals for humans, wildlife, waterways, vegetation, and our atmosphere.

We can start buying healthy foundation makeup and lipstick, but does any of that matter without a healthy planet?

Earth plays a huge role in our health, from air quality to water cleanliness to pollution levels, we’re only as healthy as our earth. This is also why it’s imperative that we choose a brand using responsibly sourced, non-toxic ingredients, that are sustainable, have waste-free/ low-waste packaging, and are practicing energy-efficient manufacturing methods.
They absolutely exist, and lucky for you you don’t even have to look further than this article.
  1. Heal And Nourish

The best part about healthy foundation makeup and lipstick, or any natural makeup products is that not only do they simply not harm us – they actually actively help us to heal. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

To me, there’s nothing better than a good multitasker! So put on your best makeup look while also improving your skin and healing your body.

  1. They Work!

Gone are the days of old-fashioned ‘natural’ makeup products that remind us of something straight from cocoa or arrowroot powder. Natural and organic doesn’t mean DIY or disappointing anymore.

Fortunately, healthy foundation makeup and lipstick now leverages today’s technology and combines it with natural healing vitamins, minerals, and oils to create truly effective formulas that perform beautifully.

I truly believe that we have the ability to create a new generation of makeup products that have a mission to help us get our health back by reducing our bodies’ toxic loads, and harnessing the healing powers of ingredients sourced directly from our earth in a responsible and sustainable way.

The Bottom Line

Be mindful about what you purchase, be picky, be investigative, read labels, and ask questions! Ladies, it’s time for us to educate and empower ourselves. 
If you feel unsure about how to choose healthy foundation makeup or lipstick or any beauty products, then I’m here to help! I’ve done the research, ingredient-list analysis and felt overwhelmed initially – but I’ll never look back. My skin has never been healthier and nor has my body.
Asking the hard questions to beauty companies is what I do and I would be honoured and delighted to assist you in any way that I can, so if you want to take me up on that, get in touch!

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